Update: Marin Headlands Closure Information

NOT OPEN YET! One more month before the descent down Hawk Hill is open to bicycles again.

On September 15, 2011 the US Park Service reopened Lower and Upper Conzelman Road to vehicles and pedestrians.

Bicycles are allowed up Lower Conzelman Road to Hawk Hill. But bicycles are still prohibited beyond Hawk Hill due to the repaving of Field Road. The paving of Field Road is expected to be completed between mid- to late- October 2011.

Another option for descending from Hawk Hill is to turn at the roundabout and head down McCullough Road to Bunker Road and back through the tunnel. For more information, see our Marin Headlands route here.

To relive a descent down the backside of Hawk Hill, check out the video below!

4 thoughts on “Update: Marin Headlands Closure Information

  1. Hi Miko and Jon,

    I’m an avid cyclist from Louisiana and just found your blog. Very enjoyable and informative. I live in north Louisiana where we have zero bike lanes and there aren’t a lot of cyclists in the area. On every ride my friends and I experience cars passing us too close. Louisiana has a 3-foot law but local motorists seem unaware or simply don’t care that they are not only endangering cyclists but also breaking the law. I work at the local newspaper as a graphic designer and my paper has decided to do an article on drivers and cyclists.

    To get to the point of all this, my paper needs a good photo showing a car passing too close to a cyclist to illustrate the dangers. I found one on your site that does this perfectly.

    The photo is:

    With your permission, we would like to possibly use this photo to go along with our article. It’s a great photo that really does show just what we cyclists are up against on our rides. If we were to use the photo you would get full credit for it.

    My name is Karen K. Gulledge and my newspaper is the Minden Press-Herald. Our website is http://www.press-herald.com.

    If you do not wish to allow us to use your photo that is certainly understandable. Thank you so much for your time and thanks for such an enjoyable blog. : )

    Karen K. Gulledge
    Minden, Louisiana

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