Who Are We?

How we started…

Who we became!

This is a blog built from our shared experience learning to bike around the San Francisco Bay Area where we’ll give you information, trails and tips so you can create your own special biking memories. Please feel free to comment and share your own wisdom as well.  You can contact us at weliketobike@bikerider.com.

Photographed turn-by-turn trail directions, good advice from the good people that told us, more ways to enjoy yourself on the road and ALWAYS an uncensored perspective on all things biking.

On our rides we savor the scenery and each other’s company at an athletic pace that gives us a good workout too. We created this blog to share our experiences and tips with people who just genuinely enjoy riding bikes. Simply that.  When you see the music videos we have created on some of our trails, these are just embodiments of why we like to bike. We encourage everyone to get out and enjoy a ride.  Read more here… and

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15 thoughts on “Who Are We?

  1. I just moved to the bay area 5 days ago from Austin,TX. Biking is very different here. Lots more traffic and less shoulders. But fewer pickups from which beer cans are thrown so that’s a plus. Stumbled onto your site this evening after riding and driving and running all around Marin county just this weekend. (Saw plenty of bikers of every age, size, shape, ability and some bike douches as well.) Looking forward to meeting you out there somewhere and plan to try out some of your routes. Thanks for creating such a great resource for newbies to the area, even if that isn’t your main goal. Best!

    • Hi Carrie,

      Glad you found the information useful. Yeah, the biking here can be a bit intimidating at first with all of the traffic and the lack of shoulders just about everywhere! The quality of the roads is also a bit sketchy in most places in San Francisco, Marin and East Bay as well, so watch out for that on descents. If you have any questions on a route, just let us know and we’ll be happy to answer. Fortunately, you’ll be able to cross the Bridge on the proper side here in a couple of weeks, that is an amazing experience in and of itself.

      Enjoy and stay safe!

      Miko & Jon

  2. Hi,

    All I can say is – you were able to get my husband back on his bike within the first fifteen minutes of reading your blogs than I have been trying to do in a million ways for several years. Trust me – that’s really something!


  3. This is just an absoulutly wonderful site. With six months of winter to look forward to in Northern Utah, Please keep posting more. From Michael and Maydene [ beautiful bay area, sigh, ]

  4. Dear We Like to Bike – While we like that you like to bike (because we do, too – and actually have sponsored a local road race team,) and we love that you love Simple Green (because we make the stuff and love it, too,) we would like to caution that when cleaning anything, with anything, you do not put or allow the dirty rinse to enter a storm drain. It is actually a violation of the Federal Clean Air & Water Act to put anything down a storm drain. You may have meant a sanitary sewer drain. Those direct the rinse to a water treatment plant where the grease, oil, particulate matter, and any other yucky stuff can be removed from the water and the cleaned water can then be released. Another option is to allow the dirty Simple Green rinse to fall onto ground, grass or gravel, where it will biodegrade. (be sure to water-in if the rinse hits grass or plants.). So, while we don’t want to curb your enthusiasm for a clean riding machine, or for getting there with Simple Green, we just had to make that tiny point. HAPPY RIDING throughout the holidays and the New Year!

    • Hi Carol,

      You are correct, we did mean sanitary drain. Thanks for the clarification and we’ve updated the article to reflect you comments and information. It’s great to hear ya’ll sponsor a road race team. Happy Holidays and have a great New Year!

      Miko & Jon

  5. Howdy

    Enjoyed reading your blog covering bike tours in and around sf. My wife and I will be celebrating my 40th birthday this June with a bike tour from sf ferry station to larkspur to healdsburg for two nights. From healdsburg we will bike to point Reyes for two nights before returning to sf via larkspur ferry, any advice you can pass along regarding route and ferry bike travel would be much appreciated. Lastly curious if you would recommend taking departing ferry from sf to Vallejo and biking to healdsburg via napa and if so if you can recommend a route?



  6. Hello!
    Was just checking out possible bicycle routes on google and stumbled onto your site. Glad I did! I have a question for you. What would you consider to be the shortest most bicycle friendly route between Vinton, Iowa and Portland, Oregon?
    Looking at the routes between here (Vinton) and Portland, route 20 seems to be the best option. What do you know or think of this route? I am riding a road bike and my wife is driving our truck as the support vehicle, so we have a little leeway regarding motels and stores for supplies. We would like to be in Portland by the end of the first week of August. Any suggestions on routes?
    Gee of “Portland to Portland: A Cycling Dream Come True!”

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