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How to Ferry My Bike Back to San Francisco

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge and rolling down one of the “WEEE!” fast fun hills into the peninsula and magical world of Marin bike trails is like traveling down the rabbit hole – just assume there’s no way back, so get to your ferry in plenty of time! The departure time means just that: the ferry leaves . . .  and perhaps you behind.  Read on…

The Hat Trick – Why Helmets Do More Than Good Head

I like to imagine that a cyclist riding without a helmet must be some deluded philanthropist on a kamikaze mission to donate their organs to all the deeply distressed, diseased and dying individuals in need that day. It’s more likely a high grade, bike douche arrogance that makes them feel immortal from the kinds of serious accidents no cyclist is immune from. We thank you for your organ donations nonetheless.  Read on…

Damage Control and Revenge of the Tiny Neon Cyclist

There’s no perfectly safe way to ride a bicycle. Even when you’re done contending with the obvious: cars, pedestrians and other cyclists, there’s nothing like trolley tracks to derail you or unleashed dogs to knock you down (yes, it happened to me and not an uncommon occurrence according to Bicycling‘s Bob Mionske. So, whoof!) You can only do so much you can do to protect yourself but if you’re looking for an extra coat of armor here are a few suggestions from the city’s newest Tiny Neon Cyclist.  Read on…

Harsh Reality of Biking – Bike Theft

There is a sinking feeling of walking up to a bike rack and noticing that there seems to be one less seat post in the air and realizing that missing seat post is yours. When it happened at a restaurant only three blocks from home that realization was rattling.  Read on…

Bike Buying for Smarties

Buying a bicycle is about more than just dishing out the dough. It’s also making an emotional commitment to riding it for what it’s worth: making time for it in your life and space for it in your garage or even studio apartment. We determined its worth based on planned frequency of use and the cost per rental over time. We became bike fanatics and made bank on our investment. But we had no idea what we were doing, where to even buy a bike or what kind of bike to buy when we got there. Things were not as simple as they used to be. Read on…

Riding in the Rays: Sun Protection While Cycling 

Sun damage and wrinkles are never attractive, on or off the bike. Excluding beach vacations, cycling can easily be when we are most vulnerable to UV rays, as anyone who’s ever had a bad case of “sunglass tan” after riding would agree. We don’t cycle inside a toaster, so just because there’s cloud cover and cool temperatures don’t assume you won’t get burned. What you don’t see can hurt you.  Read on…

It’s Not Bonking, It’s Dehydration


Riding a bike has a lot of different dangers and obstacles, many of which are out of your control.  Whether biking across across town or taking on a double century, the first major obstacle your body will encounter is dehydration.  Read on…

Bike Rental on Vacation: Destination San Francisco

photo 1-3

Cycling runs deep in the San Francisco Bay Area culture and has  been in the blood of Bay Area residents since the 1960’s.  The first bicycle rentals for tourists have been available in San Francisco since the mid-80’s.  Once the Presidio bike trails opened in 1998, riding across the Golden Gate Bridge by bike not only became easier, but accessible to almost anyone and biking became an integral part of the San Francisco tourist experience.  With all of the rental options in San Francisco, the only question is, which rental company do you choose? Read on…

Promoting Bike Culture in the US

Bike culture has seen a dramatic change in the last decade.  According to the 2014 Statista Report, there are more than 67 million riders in America, an increase of 20 million riders  since 2008. Where car sales have stabilized or even decreased, bicycle purchases have more than doubled. As more people see the health, economic and other effects of cycling, more trips that used to be made by care are being replaced by leg power.  Cities like Portland, San Francisco, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. are seeing more and more bike commuters each year.  However, even with the ever increasing number of cyclists on the road, there are still many challenges facing bike riders in the US. Read on…

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