San Francisco Trails

Below are our trails based out of San Francisco.  Many of these trails will continue on to the trails in Marin County.  Are you are looking to go further than just around San Francisco and just don’t know how to get there?

Browse all of our Marin County Trails to find the destination that suits you and it will link back to all of the trails you will need to get you there from San Francisco.

INAUGURAL RUN: Ferry Building to Fort Point and the Golden Gate (and back)

Whether you are just learning to bike, a tourist that want to join all those people you see riding from Fisherman’s Warf or want to experience San Francisco in a new way, the ride to Fort Point and back is a beautiful ride along the San Francisco Bay to the Golden Gate Bridge.  You can start from either the Ferry Building or Fisherman’s Warf, either way, you’ll be in for a wonderful ride. Read On…

THE GOLDEN GATEWAY: San Francisco to Sausalito 

The GOLDEN GATEWAY run is just golden and the gateway to all the serene and spectacular runs in Marin. While a spectacular day may merit a brief pause or perhaps a picture or two, it’s not recommended except in areas where there’s wide clearance where you will cause minimal obstruction to the through traffic.  Read On…

Video Diary: Riding Dirty

Do you wonder what it’s like to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge? Ride down Alexander Avenue into Sausalito? Or experience the sweeping curves and final descent in the back of Tiburon? Or are you looking to rent a bike on your San Francisco vacation, but don’t know what to expect? Well look no further! Read On…

THE GOLDEN GATE LOOP — Golden Gate Bridge to Golden Gate Park and Back

Before you venture across the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco also has other beautiful sites like the Presidio, Legion of Honor, the Cliff House, Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park some of which were featured in the 2012 Amgen Tour de California and the route from Lincoln Boulevard to Golden Gate Park are all part of the Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. Golden Gate Park is the place to be on Sundays when two miles of John F. Kennedy Boulevard is closed to cars. On a nice day, this route is a great way to add some miles to your ride or just see more of the sites of San Francisco from you bike.  Read on…

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