WeLikeToBike Tours

Miko and Jon at the finish line at Bike4Breath 2011 after a great 100k ride

Here at WeLikeToBike.com, we like to participate in bike tours.  We are not pros or semi-pros, but people that like to get out there and bike.

Upcoming Charity Tours


-We have no upcoming tours at this time.  We are currently on the lookout for our next tour. If you have any ideas, feel free to let us know your suggestions.

Tours with Friends

-Cycling around the Bay Area with our Friends

-Dave and Miko after a hard ride at the Marin Brewing Company

-Kelton and Miko at the top of Marin Headlands

-Kelton and Jon at the top of Marin Headlands

Past Charity Tours

-Western Wheelers Sequioa Century Ride — June 2010

–This was our first tour. We rode the short, 50k ride. Great fun!

-Giro de Peninsula — June 2010

–At the Giro, we rode the 75k. What a great ride in the South Bay.

-Bike 4 Breath — July 2010

–Bike 4 Breath was our first 100k! It was a such a fun time we’re doing it again this year!

-San Luis Obispo Gran Fondo (aka the SLO Gran Fondo) — October 2010

–We rode the 50 mile ride in SLO, it was awesome! We also picked up Miko’s Barbie outfit from Art’s Cyclery!

Bike 4 Breath — July 2011

The 100k ride at Bike 4 Breath was again a wonderful experience and a great warm up to our 72-mile Tour de Tahoe in September.

Tour de Tahoe — September 2011

The Tour de Tahoe was one of the most challenging rides we have done, yet one of the most beautiful.  It’s sister ride, America’s Most Beautiful Ride, is truly and apt name.

7 thoughts on “WeLikeToBike Tours

    • Hi Carl, Thank you. Nope, we’ve never ridden with the GPC, but do ride in the South Bay on occasion. Next time we ride down that way we will be sure to contact them.

      • Grizzly Peak Cyclists are based in the East Bay. Some GPC rides go along Grizzly Peak Road, which runs through Berkeley and Oakland. Happy trails! 😇😀

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